album 06\09\2010, by Lori Saunders

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As the world turns...

Have you ever felt like time has passed so fast, that you must have been asleep for most of it? That is definitely how I feel lately. My sweet little boy is growing up, " I big boy now, Mommy", my little cherub, or Trouble as she is regularly called, is starting to walk on her own. This upcoming week brings upon us something I have not had to do, turn my kids over for a week. I don't know how I am going to handle it. The only blessing is that work will be so crazy (the reason I can't make it to Hawaii with my parents and brothers and the reason we have to send the kids back to Kevin's parents) that hopefully I won't have time to stop and think about it. :( I know they will do just fine, but I still worry. Gigi and Dado, you better give lots and lots of kisses for me. And take pictures!!!

On a side note, Grady starts back to school in September. I was a little nervous because he doesn't like change (smart kid, look where "CHANGE" has gotten us the past 7 months... but that is another story) and their school is moving to a new building this year. He won't even go to the nursery during church, because it isn't "his" class. When you mix that in with new teachers, I could just smell the drama. BUT, by God's grace, and a bunch of returning parents BEGGING, his teachers are officially moving up with them this year. Grady wasn't too excited about hearing that there will be 6 additional children in his class, but I think just seeing Ms. Stephanie and Ms. Denise will make it all better!!
Here are some pictures from over the past couple weeks. It sure has been hot, but it has been a great summer thus far. Enjoy!!